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If that you are looking to purchase a fermentation tank, for you to do your homework first. You may want to get quotes from different providers when getting the best deal. Given here are few tips which will help you make the investment based on your finances and needs.


The most of wineries for giant wine tanks are constructed of stainless steel. In the past, oak vats were well-accepted. However, nowadays steel is preferred due to advantage can it be offers. The reason is that it’s cost-effective and easier to maintain. You can also purchase plastic tanks nevertheless they won’t be that durable.

Temperature Control

Since the operation of fermentation releases plenty of heat, don’t forget to take the right steps to take out the excess heat. So the tank you are likely to purchase should feature temperature controls.

Cooling Jackets

These jackets are wrapped about the tank. Also, the or cold liquid is passed with the cooling jackets. Before you talk to a supplier, be sure to consider your winemaking goals. The supplier supply you with suggestions to enable you to install the cooling jackets.


It is better still if your fermentation tank is insulated. As far as insulation is anxious, you’ll be able to choose from a great deal of options. You can discuss the problem with your supplier to find the best option.

Types of Tanks

Plastic Tanks

If you might be just starting out, you might purchase plastic fermentation tanks. Usually, winemakers choose polyethylene plastic buckets. Some suppliers likewise have customized plastic tanks which include airtight lids.

If you’re on a low cost, plastic tanks will be the ideal choice. But the problem is because are not durable and may even cause the manufacture of bacteria.

Stainless Steel Tanks

These thanks can be a better option than plastic tanks. However, they really are a bit more expensive. The major benefit for these tanks is they offer durability. If maintained well, they could stand test of time. Good quality tanks don’t cause bacterial infections either.

Variable Volume Tanks

This tank is innovative as you may change the height from the lid. Therefore, you’ll be able to adjust the height with the lid so as to minimize the oxygenation. Usually, variable volume tanks are constructed with stainless steel. Mostly, commercial wineries utilize this type of thanks.

Oak Tanks/Vats

Traditionally, oak tanks were put to use for wine fermentation. Although they usually are not used commercially, some winemakers still rely on them as a stylistic choice. Although you need not use oak vats for fermentation, they may be used to relish the benefits of oak.

Nowadays, many wineries put some oak chips in their metal fermentation tanks. This is done so as to gain the initial qualities of oak when using modern equipment.

In short, you might want to follow these steps to choose the appropriate type of wine fermentation tank in order to meet your needs. Hopefully, these pointers will help you’re making the right choice depending on your needs and budget.

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