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Mindfulness in the workplace


Stressed, frazzled staff?

Mindfulness can help! We can adapt our introductory course to suit your requirements, either splitting it into smaller sessions (for example 8 sessions of an hour) or we can deliver our training in a single day session, or a series of half days.

We will then work to support you bringing gentle mindfulness practices into your workplace.
Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Why mindfulness?

Mindfulness is clinically and scientifically proven (hundreds of studies) to reduce anxiety, lessen stress, help with sleep problems and reduce the symptoms of depression.
It isn't anything complicated - rather a simple set of techniques that we will guide you in learning.

Real world experience

We have successfully run an 8 week training course in a school with a pupil referral unit, working to help the staff deal with the stress of their caring and demanding profession

Course Feedback

'It was a fine blend of practical and theory.'
'I love the whole experience.'

'My favourite part of the course was learning the right tools to help me  meditate whenever and wherever.'


Get in touch and we'll discuss how we can help you to have a happier, more relaxed staff.