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Here are some other mindful resources that we like or have used

Mindfulness in the Huddersfield area

Kindmind - Sally Edward runs a range of courses, including an 8 week MBSR, one day events, longer retreats and tuition. She taught both of us, MBSR and our instructor's course, and we have attended plenty of her mindfulness events, ranging from mornings to 3 day silent retreats. She is highly capable, lovely and is worth seeking out.

Adele Doxey - Mindfulness courses, MBSR, afternoon relaxation retreats

Yorkshire Sculpture Park also have some good events, check out  

 Leeds: Breathworks – offering a range of courses aimed at health issues and using mindfulness with chronic pain as well as stress.  

Sheffield: Tall Spaghetti - Lots of mindfulness courses, plus she collaborates with Sally Edward of Kindmind on a regular basis 

 Wakefield: Ken Lunn – Wakefield Mindfulness Centre. MBSR, sitting groups, etc;  

Holme Valley Wellbeing Centre

Plenty going on here, including a meditation group and occasional events by, err, us!

Ebb & Flow - Lyze Dudley offering mindfulness courses in Honley

Mindfulness in the wider World

Amazingly, mindfulness is practiced beyond the West Riding, but thankfully, due to the internet, it's possible to find out all about stuff without having to leave Yorkshire!

The Oxford Mindfulness centre website is worth a browse;

Tara Brach's website is a treasure trove of mindful resources

Sharon Salzburg is also worth a browse - lots of articles, podcasts...

Mindful magazine is a good read;

If you like listening to podcasts, check out

If you are interested in how to teach mindfulness to children, this site has some really good ideas

Other Local Links

The Basement Recovery Project work with issues surrounding drug and alcohol addiction - we are currently running a mindfulness course for them. They are great!
More info at;

S2R - Support to Recovery are a fabulous local charity running loads of wellbeing, creative and outdoor workshops promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. First port of call (after the doctors) if you find yourself signed off work with mental health issues.