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Mindfulness Courses

Additional Information

If you feel like nothing is going right...

If you can't stop your mind from worrying and overthinking...

If you feel anxious, depressed or are struggling to sleep...

Mindfulness can help!

Aimed at Beginners 

We've been running our regular 'introduction to mindfulness course for 2 years and now taught 17 different groups of people mindfulness. Our course is aimed at complete beginners, or those who have tried an app like Headspace or Calm and want to deepen their practice. 

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, insomnia or depression, mindfulness is able to help you change the way you deal with your thoughts, emotions and feelings

 No Mumbo Jumbo or Nonsense!

We recognise that joining a group teaching mindful meditation may seem like a big step, but we try to provide a friendly and welcoming environment, explaining, exploring and teaching mindfulness practices.

We try to explain things in a light-hearted way, without being too serious all the time, and ensure we have plenty of breaks for teas & coffees (provided) and the odd slice of cake.

We are not running a therapy session and will be discouraging you from sharing anything other than your experiences of the mindful activities we do, so don't be nervous about coming!

Everything You Need to Get Started

Each week, we'll explain how and why mindfulness works, then guide you through meditation practice. It's not hard - just training your mind to focus on what is happening now, rather than worrying about the past or future.

Each week, we'll send you a guided mp3 meditation to practice at home and supporting course notes, plus help via email or WhatsApp and regular 'What's On' emails.


 "I think it was a great introduction and would love to do another course"  

"I enjoyed the guided meditations and the explanations of how different parts of the brain worked."  

"Perfect. Spot on." 


"You both compliment each other perfectly. Very knowledgeable and a friendly, open, generous delivery style. No mumbo-jumbo!' 

 "A really positive, challenging and practical course which I have every confidence will improve my quality of life."  

'Just right.'