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About Beginner's Mind


Who are we?

'Beginners Mind' is run by Emma Kirkby-Geddes and Robin Stewart. We trained as mindfulness instructors in 2017 and have previously run introductory courses in a range of settings. Here's a quick bit about who we are and why we are doing this;

Emma Kirkby-Geddes

I have been practicing mediation in one form or another for about 8 years.  My decision to train to teach Mindfulness comes from benefitting myself from the practice, particularly in that it has helped me to deal better with stress and anxiety. Another really important aspect is that teaching provides me with the opportunity to meet and work with other people.  

I will enjoy welcoming you on the course and being part of what may be the start of your own practice!  

Robin Stewart

I came to Mindfulness rather by accident following a breakdown a couple of years ago, left me struggling to sleep, work or function. I was determined to get myself better and was very much influenced by Ruby Wax's book about depression, 'Sane New World'. She outlined the ways that you could tackle stress, anxiety and depression, and determined to give them all a go, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. I'm very much a hardened cynic of long-standing, with a deep rooted hatred of pseudo-science, so reluctantly signed up to a mindfulness course, not really expecting it to achieve anything. Of course, it turned out to be something of a revelation, enabling me to finally feel in control of my stress and anxiety. It has also given me a much calmer and more reflective outlook on life. Mindfulness isn't an instant 'miracle cure', you have to work at it, but I have found the results justify the effort.

I met Emma on my original mindfulness course and she has been a good pal since, with us completing our Mindfulness Instructor Diploma together last year. I'm now very much enjoying working with Emma to bring mindfulness to a wider audience.